For the love of butter -
there is Buttercup©

Perfectly smooth butter, anytime.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Money Back if you are not happy with your Buttercup! Order now!
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Scandinavian engineering and design that you'll love and befriend.
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Buttercup owners can't get enough ..of butter!

Perfect butter is for everyone!

What if I don't like my Buttercup?
100% Satisfaction Gurantee

We are so certain that you will love Buttercup, but just to make you feel super confident we promise a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product!

To where are you shipping?
Sweden & Finland

Currently we only offer the buttercup to Sweden and Finland. Are you interested in buying your Buttercup and live in another country? Contact us at and we'll help you.

How does it work?
Perfect butter

You simply plug your Buttercup in to an electricity output and put your 500g block of butter in it. Your Buttercup will keep the perfect temperature to keep your butter smooth and fresh.

Why use Buttercup instead of margarine?
Environment and your health

Butter doesn't contain palmoil that need long transportation. Margarine is often bought in a plastic container, that you throw away after usage. Our costumers often say "I can't Believe i've lived this long without a Buttercup!

How do I know how much butter that's left?
Built-in scale

Yes, with the help of the built-in scale you can see how much butter you take, perfect for cooking and baking! More detailed instructions, with picture examples, is included with the Buttercup.

How to i clean the Buttercup?
Inne container - dishwasher

The transparent inner container kan be dishwashed. You can also clean it with warm water and some dish soap. The Butterknife is produced with natural walnut, clean it with luke warm water.

My Buttercup doesn't work as it should?
Perfect butter

We are proud over the high quality of our product. Should it malfunction by any means, contact our support at You can also reach us on Facebook, we help you as soon as possible.

Where do I place my Buttercup?
Wherever you want

The Buttercup maintains perfectly temperatured butter for your convenience even without electricity. When your not serving the butter, simply plug it in and it will keep the temperature day and night.